Richard Heiser | Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace


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HRM in the Workplace provides a principled basis through which unit and department heads can direct their personnel. General managers, training directors and association executives who have responsibilities for the development, support and continuing education of managers will find this a valuable education and developmental resource.

This unique training and educational tool is devoted to on-the-job “doers” who face daily business situations in hiring, training, discipline, pay, retention, legal compliance and terminations. To enhance individual learning the materials are presented with illustrations, chapter learning objectives and summaries, a comprehensive index and extensive glossary.

Using this resource can result in:

  • Desirable management practices
  • A more productive workforce
  • Appreciating policy and standard procedure
  • Improved retention of valued workers
  • The prevention of workplace disruptions and legal issues

Learn how to:

  • Choose among job applicants
  • Develop pay guidelines
  • Dismiss workers with a minimum risk of litigation
  • Satisfy government mandates



Managers and directors can obtain a copy of Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace for $20 by sending cash, check, or money order to Workforce HRM, PO Box 120662, New Brighton, MN 55112.

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