Richard Heiser | Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace


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authorphoto_1 (1)Dick Heiser’s career spans an extraordinary breadth of experience in human resources management and education in private, public and nonprofit organizations. Beginning with job analysis and time and motion study at Deere & Company, Heiser advanced to human resources division management in two Fortune 500 fiHuman Resources Law1rms. With the
Hoerner Waldorf Corporation he served as plant personnel director and corporate compensation manager, negotiated union contracts and participated on a team to install management by objectives. With Champion International Corporation he served as division personnel manager and recruited in colleges. At Land O’Lakes he served as division HR manager, undertook the relocation and integration of an acquired firm’s management staff and launched the first of several major startup staffing roles. During the course of his career he has consulted with hundreds of managers on scores of HR subjects and issues.

Heiser studied HRM at Western Michigan University at the undergraduate and graduate level. He attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota and executive study at Harvard Business School. In addition to coauthoring Human Resources Law (Prentice Hall), Heiser was the first to write about auditing personnel management in an article published in Personnel Journal.

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